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My Life in Dog Years Ebook

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I wasn’t always the best husband. But I’m determined to be the best family dog I can be…


It’s funny how dying changes your perspective on life. Suddenly, running my restaurant doesn’t seem as important as all those times I was absent when my wife and daughter needed me.


Except God’s given me an unexpected second chance, only this time around it’s as the family dog. He agrees to let me return to the small town in Wisconsin I called home with Sabrina to watch Jaycee grow up.


But first I have to convince Sabrina that the lost puppy she discovers on the day of my funeral is worth keeping. Then, I’ll need to find my wife a new husband who’s worthy of her.


But loving like a dog isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Not when someone I once trusted shows interest in my wife, and I’m not the only family pet with a double identity.


If I fail, Sabrina will be destined to spend the rest of her life alone and miss out on the happiness she deserves.


It makes me wonder if my life in dog years is going to be nearly long enough…

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