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Lexi’s marital problems are the least of her worries after terrorists invade her small town. To keep her family safe, she must stick with her would-be ex-husband. But gun-wielding men have other ideas. Sent to separate modern-day concentration camps, people they’ve known their entire lives become strangers due to brainwashing. Thankfully, Lexi’s marriage gives her enough to think about to keep from being turned into a puppet for the terrorists.

Late one night, the door to Lexi’s prison opens. A spy recognizes her strength and sends her to recruit others who may have eluded captivity. Outside the fence, Lexi faces the added challenge of reversing her daughter’s mindset. The young girl is conflicted and tries several times to return to the compound. After nearly being caught, they make it home to find Clint has also escaped with their son. They pack some supplies and head into the Adirondack Mountains to a cabin owned by Clint’s ex-father-in-law.

The plan is simple: survive.

But they soon have company. And one of them arrives in Jimmy Choos. With more mouths to feed, their work is cut out for them. When they encounter terrorists in the mountains, Clint determines the best course of action is for him to head to Canada to get reinforcements. He wants to leave most of the group behind, feeling they’ll be safer nestled where they have access to shelter and food. The fact that Lexi doesn’t trust someone inside the cabin isn’t part of the big picture. Besides, the would-be suspect hasn’t actually done anything obviously harmful to the group. Quite the opposite, in fact. But Lexi’s instincts still tell her she’s in danger. And, if she can’t convince the others, none of them will make it out of the cabin alive.  

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