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The Adventures of Logan and Scruffy Ebook

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The kids at Logan’s new school tease him because he’s different. They don’t wear cowboy boots like he does, and they certainly don’t talk with the same twang. Logan hates the city until he meets Scruffy, a talking dog whose family has abandoned him.
Scruffy has his own bully, a mean Rottweiler who tries to control an alley dumpster. Logan mimics the dog’s tactics with the boys at school, but they don’t back down. Scruffy tries to show Logan how to make friends by introducing him to a mother cat after they work together to rescue her kitten. Logan decides he wants to help find homes for the stray animals, but to do that, he must make his own friends.
When Scruffy isn’t waiting for Logan after school one day, Logan’s only hope is asking the Rottweiler to track down his friend who has been nabbed by a dogcatcher. In exchange for his help, Logan agrees to find him a family, but first he has to rescue Scruffy.
Saving Scruffy may be the only way for Logan to make friends and get families for the other homeless pets, but can he convince his parents to adopt an old, mangey dog?
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